Youngevity Business Services and Telegration can create a customized plan for professional managed services beyond our traditional services as a telecom master agent.


If your IT staff is spending more time on routine trouble tickets than using their expertise to improve network performance, then it’s time to consider professional managed services from Youngevity Services Powered and Telegration. As a telecom master agent, we’ve already proven our expertise in the back office – acting as your single-source provider of the world-class telecom services of our nationwide partners in voice, Internet, data, the cloud, cable, and enterprise IT connectivity solutions. But with the help of Youngevity Business Services and Telegration can do far more to solve your business communications challenges.

Connectivity is king for today’s enterprise IT organizations. Today’s mobile customers and business partners worldwide demand uninterrupted services delivered through the Web via computers, tablets, Smartphones, and other emerging devices made for mobility. Connecting your data center’s enterprise IT infrastructure to support current applications – industrial, security, broadcast, video distribution, secure data transfer, and more –demands high performance, high bandwidth connectivity solutions. What is the best choice for enterprise IT? Today’s high bandwidth coax cable, fiber, Metro Ethernet, MPLS, and other solutions offer different degrees of versatility for enterprise IT. Make the right connection.

Managed Services

Adding and connecting new services

Reviewing bills

Managing mobility

Project management

Credit recovery

Order fulfillment and contract management

Trouble ticket management

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Mobility services

Data services

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